Tahoe Topliners


Tahoe Topliners
Lake Tahoe fishing guide Mike Nielsen has over 25 years experience specializing in fishing Lake Tahoe targeting and catching Lake Tahoe's Mackinaw, Brown Trout , Rainbow Trout and Kokanee Salmon. Where we are different from other guides on Tahoe is we target and catch all 4 species from the lake, many advertise it but we are the only service that gets results on Browns and Rainbows.We are Coast Guard Licensed , California commercial fishing vessel.

Our standard charters are 5 hours 5am and 11 am
All bait and tackle is included. Breakfast, snacks, cleaning and sacking your catch, and taxidermy are available upon request. You provide your fishing license and bring camera and layered clothing.





Custom private charters available
We can customize your Lake Tahoe fishing charter to any length and your desired target species. Brown trout is our premium target trout!

You need to have a CA or NV, Fishing License, we can assist in obtaining a license if needed. Dress in layers and also bring a camera, sunglasses, and sunscreen.



Lake Tahoe's best Fishing Charter!

Jake's on the Lake Winner
Brown Trout 8lb. 3oz.

Rainbow Trout

Rookies Bar Winner
Rainbow 10lb. 2oz.

Camp Richardson
Winner Mackinaw 19lb. 5oz.

Kingfish/ Flamingo
Hilton Winner 11lb. Mackinaw

Rookies Bar Winner
Rainbow 5lb 8oz.

Jake's on the Lake
Winner Brown Trout $500
Carson Valley Inn
1st and 2nd Mackinaw

Jake's on the Lake
Winner Rainbow Trout 4lb. 8oz.

Jake's on the Lake
Winner Rainbow Trout 4lb. 8oz.

Jake's Derby Brown Trout Winner

Carson Valley Inn derby winner 1st and 2nd place

Carson Valley Inn derby
1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner

2009 Sportsman sporting goods 1st place Brown trout summer derby

2009 largest of the year for Browns

2011 Largest Brown of year

2014 Largest Brown of year from Tahoe

2016 Jakes Derby winner Mackinaw

Largest Mack of Year (Tahoe)
1998, 1999 , 2002 , 2004,2015

Largest Brown of Year (Tahoe)
1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008,2009,2010,2011,2014

Largest Rainbow of Year (Tahoe)
1998, 1999 , 2001 , 2002

Lake Record Brown Trout (Tahoe)
2005 13lbs 11oz, 2006 14lbs 2oz, 2008 15lbs 2oz 2011 and current lake record 15lb 15oz

Pro Staffs

Pautzke, Cabela's, Rapala, Storm,VMC, Luhr Jensen, Williamson, Suffix, Abu Garcia, Fenwick, Scotty Downriggers, Trigger X, Blue Fox, 

  • Member of Brown Baggers Club
  • Cabela's feature speaker
  • California Game and Fish Magazine
  • California Sportsman Magazine
  • LA Daily News
  • ESPN Outdoors
  • Bob Sims Radio Show